"Paola Hernandez fairly burst at the seams in her energetic ‘I Wanna Be a Rocket’.”
                                                 Theater Pizzazz

“Then Came a jazzy number that was a highlight —Paola Hernandez sang and danced “I Wanna be a Rocket”. Unstoppable determination and enthusiasm, as well as talent, were packed into the number.”
                                      Wolf Entertainment Guide

"Paola Hernandez does a superb job portraying Mimi's heroin addiction. She appears strung out at all the right times, adding to the impact of Mimi's storyline."

                                                Broadway World (Appleton, WI)

"Performing in her shiny blue hot pants, her solo in "Out Tonight" was mesmerizing to watch with its combination of rhythmically upbeat song and powerful choreography..." 

                      Broadway World (New Orleans, LA)

"Paola Hernandez (National Tour of "Rent") stood out as Quixote's niece Antonia."
​                                           -Westport Patch

"I enjoyed the sparring ladies and their animated antics during their duet, “I’m Only Thinking of Him,” where Alonso’s niece, Antonia (Paola Hernandez) and his housekeeper (Lulu Picart), claim in the church confessional to be the most worried about Alonso (spoiler: neither of them are that altruistic)"
​                                                                         -OnStage Blog

"Paola Hernandez was outstanding in her role of Cervantes' niece, Antonia."

                                  -Luxury Experience



"Rent's biggest strength is its cast members...Hernandez and Farine, as star-crossed lovers Mimi and Roger, share a palpable chemistry filled with complexity and vulnerability."

                  Democrat & Chronicle (Rochester, NY)

"Paola Hernandez as Antonia/Prisoner nails it as Quijano’s self-interested niece."

                    -Someday Productions LLC/ Pillow Talking

Broadway Rising Stars

"The standout for me was Paola Hernandez as the sexy but doomed Mimi Marquez. Ms. Hernandez was born and raised in Puerto Rico and is an alumna of Circle in the Square Theater School in NYC. This young woman can SING and brought the perfect amount of stage presence to the role; she looked pretty amazing in those costumes as well."   

                                                   Naugatuck Patch (Waterbury, CT)

Man of La Mancha

"A Circle in the Square graduate, her exuberant, high-kicking performance of “I Wanna Be A Rockette” from Kicks: The Showgirl Musical, was one of the highlights of the evening."

                                                                  Huffington Post